Functional and Aesthetic

IN N OUT Blinds

In n Out external venetian blinds fulfill all requirements in terms of energy efficiency and modern design. Customized Z90 slat geometries provide the right solution for achieving your desired sun shading effect. Enjoy daylight and your privacy in equal measure. With In n Out external venetian blinds, you can create an always comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Complete System Integraton

The In N Out venetian blind was created primarily for the construction of buildings, where the full harmony between technical and esthetic aspects plays a special role.

Thoughtful Design Of Details

1. One type of pins available: steel and PVC.
2. Blind slats made of aluminium sheet available in two shapes: The slats in the shape of the letter Z are designed to provide complete shading and are additi- onally equipped with a special soundproofing seal. Their rotation range is from 0 to 90 degrees.
3. The textile elements of the blind are made of high quality polyester and they are thermally fixed, which guarantees high resistance to weathering, stretching, abrasion, as well as UV rays and the appearance of mould. The ladder braid is arranged in the shape of the number 8, which ensures smooth rolling. In addition, the Z90 slats are equipped with a special mechanism that provides a lower height of the package. Textiles are available in grey and black.
4. The guide channels, the only solution of this type available on the market, are equipped with special seals eliminating the noise that can arise when the slat hits the guide channel.
5. Two variants of the endslat: complete and open.

Merits and advantages

Guaranteed dimensions


Z-90 has Z -shaped louvers with a width of 90 mm. The slats are guided in guide rails or by a rope that fix the slats in the correct position on the sides.

The underside of the slat has a rubber seal which, in combination with the shape of the slats, ensures a perfect fit and thus maximum sun protection. The integrated seal on the slats dampens any noise when the blind is tilted. Get venetian blinds that offer you even greater living comfort.

The venetian blinds can be installed in the window opening or above the window opening. When installed in the window opening, the set of raised slats reduces the window headroom, if necessary, the blinds can be installed above the window opening where they do not affect the window headroom.
*Note: As the width of the blind increases, the quality level of its wind resistance decreases – see Wind Resistance, further down the page.
Atypical dimensions are not manufactured

Technical parameters

Handelsbezeichnung Abmessung (mm) Material P 001 56 x 58 Fe P 001/2 56 x 60 Al P 012/1 93 x 14 Al Lill 9 P 037 0,42 x 113 Al P 029/1 80 9,5 PES P 028 8 0,34 PES
Farbe Standard: verzinktes Sonstige RAL Blech gespritzt Standard: elox Aluminium Sonstige RAL gespritzt gemäß aktuellem Musterkatalog ISOTRA a.s. Grundausführung – eloxiert Sonstige RAL gespritzt weiß grau

Wind resistance

Color Variaty

Standard Colours of slats and construction elements

Installation variants

Installation in a newly formed lintel (ceiling / wall)
Installation in the gap on the window frame (ceiling / wall)
Attachment to the extended window profile (ceiling / wall)

Specific installation